Who was Marc McKerrow? Who was Marc McKerrow?

Who was Marc McKerrow?

Marc McKerrow was the grandson of Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth through their daughter Rebecca Welles. He was born on March 31, 1966, in Oakes, Helena, to Rebecca and then given up for adoption. Marc McKerrow was adopted by a family that had two sons, and the one who was almost his agemate often competed with him.

Early Life

At the time of Marc’s birth, his mother was just 22 years old, and she felt she was not ready to be a mother. So she gave up Marc McKerrow for adoption to a couple from Montana. While with the Montana couple, Marc McKerrow had to compete for everything with the son, who was almost his age.

Life was not easy for Marc McKerrow, and this affected his academic performance; he often had poor grades, which in turn resulted in poor mental health. Besides, young Marc had a head injury that affected his routine. Given how tough life was and poor academic performance, he dropped out of school and sought a job to cater to his daily needs.

Marc’s competitor in the Montana family later did a sex-change surgery and started identifying as Kim Reed. She recorded the struggles her adopted brother, Marc, had to endure.

Personal Life

Marc McKerrow was a married man but never publicized his wife’s details. It is unclear how he met his wife or how long the relationship lasted, but they had two sons and a daughter. His children are Colton, Kelsie, and Connor. On a personal level, Marc McKerrow was kind-hearted and always strived to impact the lives of the people he interacted with positively.

Later in his life, after realizing that Montana was not his biological family, Marc McKerrow sought to find his birth mother. He managed to find his mother, but she was already in a casket. Marc wished to have a relationship with his biological mother, but he was just unlucky.

His Grandfather, Orson Welles

Marc McKerrow’s grandfather was an American actor and filmmaker still recognized for his contribution to the film industry. He started his acting career in 1931 after he walked into Gate Theatre and claimed that he was an actor even though he had no experience. The theatre’s then-manager did not believe him, but he was impressed by his audition and his show of boldness.

Months later, Marc’s grandfather started appearing in films, and after that, he appeared in several movies in which critics praised him for his performance. His credits include Citizen Kane, The Stranger, Othello, The Trial, and The Immortal Story. Marc’s grandfather died on October 10, 1985, after suffering a heart attack.


Marc McKerrow lived a life that was filled with ups and downs. He had been battling mental illness for a long time, and the head injury he had suffered while young had negatively impacted his mental health. Marc died on June 18, 2010, in his sleep as a result of complications of nocturnal seizure, a condition he had been battling for a long time.