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Valerie Sandler, everything About Adam Sandler’s Sister

Valerie Sandler, famous for being Adam Sandler’s older sister, is a renowned person who has chosen a simple and private life. While Adam Sandler is a renowned comedian, actor, singer, screenwriter and producer, her sister describes herself as an executive in the food industry.

Valerie Sandler is married to Steven Gervicka, although little is known about the couple, not their children. Some sources still indicate that Valerie is married to Steven, but the celebrity sister has kept most details in the dark.

Valerie Sandler Siblings

Valerie Sandler’s siblings are famous for their relationship with their brother Adam. Valerie and her other siblings have always supported Adam’s career; it is no wonder that fans know them.

Elizabeth Sandler, born on May 23, 1956, is Valerie’s sister, and they grew up together in their hometown. Valerie and her siblings were brought up with much love, and their parents ensured they had all the necessities.

Elizabeth is a proud mother of two children and a dentist by profession. Valerie and her sister Elizabeth have a close bond and are fond of each other. Valerie has another sibling, Scott Sandler, who was born on June 18, 1974. Scott has followed in his brother’s footsteps in becoming an actor, enabling him to gather a net worth of around $11 million.

Who is Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is Valerie’s other sibling, famous as a producer, actor, and screenwriter. Adam was born on September 9, 1966, and he credits his parents for a better upbringing. Adam has revealed that his parents greatly encouraged him in his career.

Although there were better kids than him, his parents gave him confidence and encouraged him in sports, singing, joking and acting. Adam was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, but at six years old, they relocated to the East Coast, where they grew up.

Although Adam’s father died at a young age, he made all his four children feel better, enabling them to grow closer.

Valerie Sandler Parents

Judy and Stanley Sandler are Valerie Sandler’s parents. Valerie’s mother worked as a nursery school teacher, while his father worked as an electrical contractor. Judy Sandler was an encourager to all her children, and she ensured that all her children pursued their careers.

Before Valerie’s father died, he encouraged her brother to play sports and told him he was the best. Stanley died in 2003, but his children have never forgotten the love they experienced. While growing up, Adam Sandler always talked about joining the military, but his father talked him out about the idea.

Valerie Sandler Hobbies

Valerie and her brother Adam share a close bond, and his brother revealed the favourite show that Valerie loved watching. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was one of her favourite shows, and she always asked her brother to get her tickets.