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Traci Mullen – Bio and Ex-husband

Getting married to a celebrity will make people want to know more about your life, which is the case for Traci Mullen. Although she divorced her husband, she is an ex-celebrity wife, and the duration she stayed married to Rodney Mullen was enough to make people curious about knowing who she was.   We will focus on sharing the information we have about Traci Mullen and then talk about her ex-husband.

Who is Traci Mullen

Traci was married to Rodney Mullen, a famous freestyle and street skateboarder. Her ex-husband began his skating at the young age of 10 years and perfected the art over the years. By the time he was age 14, he had already won the freestyle championship. He went on to win more championships over the years, adding greatly to his fame.

When he married Traci Mullen, his fans got curious and wanted to know more about his wife. Unfortunately, Traci Mullen doesn’t love sharing information about her life. We have no information about her bio or early life. We know she was married to Rodney Mullen, but they didn’t get any children. Moreover, the two married in 2000 and separated 13 years later in 2013 for undisclosed reasons.

Even Rodney never shared personal information about Traci Mullen, making it tricky to create her bio. Aside from knowing that she is a celebrity wife, no other information about her is available. It gets worse because she disappeared from the online space after separating from Rodney Mullen.

Biography of Traci’s Ex-Husband

Rodney Mullen is an American national born on August 17, 1966, in Gainesville, Florida. He has many nicknames that he has received over the years. However, his birth name is John Rodney Mullen. Many of the nicknames that he has are attributed to his skateboarding talent. For instance, he is commonly called the “Godfather of Skateboarding.”

Rodney is the child of Ann P. Mullen (mother) and John Mullen (father). His Zodiac sign is Leo, and his ethnicity is white. As for the eyes, their color is Grey while the hair is light brown.

Rodney Mullen’s Career

Being talented can take you places and help you achieve your dreams. Rodney Mullen is an example of a well-utilized talent. He started skating at age 10, and although his father was initially against it, he soon became a professional at it.

By age 14, Rodney had won the freestyle skateboarding championship. His first win highly motivated him to keep pushing and practising the art. Over the years, Rodney has bagged over 34 freestyle championships, solidifying his celebrity status while earning him more titles and nicknames for his exceptional abilities.

Traci’s ex-husband has had a successful skateboarding career. He has received numerous awards, including the “Skateboarding’s Legend Award.” He has also been awarded for being among the top 20 best-skilled and influential skaters of his time.

As a professional skateboarder, Rodney has earned a huge income, and his net worth is about $30 million.