Sylvia DelaCerna Who She Is, Her Popularity, & More Sylvia DelaCerna Who She Is, Her Popularity, & More

Sylvia DelaCerna Who She Is, Her Popularity, & More

Sylvia DelaCerna is the mother of a prominent ballet dancer, Misty Copeland. In this article, we have compiled details gathered about Sylvia DelaCerna from available sources. Read further to know more.

Personal Life

Sylvia DeleCerna was born in the year 1955 in the United States of America. She is of African-American and Italian descent. Her father was of German and African-American descent and her mother was Italian. She was later adopted by African-American parents whose personal details remain unknown.

Sylvia finished her schooling in a public school in the US. Not much is known about the whereabouts. Sylvia is however known for being a cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs.


She then went on to work as a medical assistant. As a single mother of six, for most of her life, Sylvia had to work two jobs to cater to raising her children.

She currently holds a net worth of two thousand USD.


Sylvia has been in four marriages and has six children. She is currently the mother of three daughters and three sons. All of her children are successful individuals. She has no children from her first marriage. Douglas Copeland Jr., Christopher Ryan Copeland, Erica Stephanie Copeland, and Misty Copeland are children from her second marriage with Doug Copeland. Not much is known about Doug. Her daughter Misty revealed that she had only met her father at the age of 22.

Sylvia’s third husband was Harold Brown, a sales officer. The pair’s marriage did not last long but the two do have a daughter named Lindsey Monique Brown.

Her recent marriage was with a radiologist by the name of Robert DelaCerna. The two share a son, Cameron Koa DelaCerna.  Sylvia and Robert called quits due to his abusive behavior.

Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland is the reason why Sylvia DelaCerna is famed. Misty was born on September 10, 1982, in Kansa City, United States of America. She was born to Sylvia DelaCerna and Doug Copeland. It is known that she never had much of a relationship with her father. Misty has three siblings and two half-siblings.

At the age of 13 Misty took up learning ballet. It was quite a challenging task for a young Black woman to be in a white-dominated field. But, Misty faced it with great zeal and mastered the art. At the time she discovered ballet, there was not much she could do to chase her dreams as her family was burdened with a lot of financial difficulties.

The family had to live in a motel and it was hard for her mother to manage the expenditure even with two jobs. However, Misty’s mother didn’t back down and supported her daughter. She signed a contract with MIsty’s dancer teacher, Cynthia Bradley that allowed the Bradleys to host Misty. It was from then on that Misty began her journey to becoming one of the best ballet dancers in the country.


Parents play a pivotal role in molding the lives of their children. Sylvia DelaCerna is one such proud mother who has strived all her life to provide the best for her children. In the above article we have gained an insight into her life, upbringing, marital status and professional life.