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Silvana Barbieri- Everything About Patrizia Reggiani’s Mother

Silvana Barbieri is a celebrity mother who came into the limelight because of her daughter’s crimes. Silvana had her only child on December 2, 1948, and at twelve, she married a wealthy entrepreneur, Ferdinando Reggiani, who adopted Patrizia.

Silvana’s daughter met a wealthy heir, Maurizio Gucci. They exchanged vows two years after starting dating, despite Maurizio’s father declining her daughter-in-law and wanting to stop the wedding.

Even though he never liked the wife his son had married, Rodolfo Gucci awarded his son and her daughter-in-law a penthouse in New York. Rodolfo had taken care of his son by himself since his wife died when he was five, and he was so overprotective of him.

Silvana Barbieri’s Daughter

Patrizia Reggiani became famous for her relationship with the Gucci heir, Maurizio Gucci. Patrizia made headlines when she was convicted of killing her husband, who had divorced her two years earlier.

Patrizia had two children with Maurizio, and despite being told not to use the Gucci name after the divorce, which took place in 1994, she continued using the name. She said she felt she was a Gucci more than anyone.

Patrizia was jailed, and after serving for 18 years, she was released for good behaviour. According to trusted sources, Patrizia never wanted her ex-husband to marry another wife, as it would have reduced the alimony she was receiving.

Patrizia Reggiani’s Marriage

Patrizia met her ex-husband at around 22 at a party in 1970. Maurizio Gucci introduced her girlfriend to his father, but the news was received negatively. Maurizio’s father disliked Patrizia and saw her as a social climber with nothing in mind but money.

As a result of his father’s dislike, Maurizio moved out of his father’s house, and they never spoke for a long time. Trusted sources show that Maurizio had been brought up by his father since his mother died when he was young; hence, he was very overprotective of him.

Rodolfo Gucci tried to stop his son’s wedding, but he later accepted his daughter-in-law and awarded them a luxury penthouse after their wedding. Maurizio’s wife loved partying and continued attending high-end parties and making new friends.

Patrizia’s relationship became sour in 1985, and Maurizio sent a friend to his wife to inform her that the marriage was over. The couple had two daughters then, and their divorce was finalized in 1994.

By law, she was not allowed to use the name Gucci after the divorce, but she did it anyway. She was awarded an annual alimony of $1.47 million.

The Murder of Maurizio Gucci

Maurizio Gucci was shot dead by a hitman while outside his office. Patrizia was arrested and later convicted for planning to kill her ex-husband. According to trusted sources, Patrizia was jealous of her ex-husband and did not want him to marry another woman. Moreover, she feared that the alimony she was receiving would reduce after marriage, and she planned to execute her husband.