Philip Alan Hosterman Philip Alan Hosterman

Unveiling the Life Story of Philip Alan Hosterman, Dove Cameron’s Father

Philip Alan Hosterman was the father of American actress and singer Dove Cameron. He was born in 1944 in Seward Park, Seattle, Washington, to Florence and Philippe Hosterman. Philip was not the only child to his parents; he had two siblings, Mary Lynn Kappert and Michael Hosterman.

Early Life and Education

Philip Alan Hosterman grew up in Seward Park, and his parents showed him all the love they could give. Philip loved his siblings as they often fought and played together; his parents were supportive as they worked hard to ensure their son and two children never lacked. When Philip came of age, he joined St Edward Elementary School in his neighbourhood and proceeded to O’Dea High School.

At high school, Philip actively participated in sports activities. Besides, he loved and had a passion for music, and you could often find him playing the saxophone and piano. Upon completing his high school education, Philip Alan Hosterman joined the University of Portland for his bachelor’s degree in water resource engineering. While in college, Hosterman loved travelling and seeing new places.

Life After College

Upon realizing his passion for travelling, Philip Alan embarked on a journey of travelling to various places where he discovered new cultures. Due to his love for travel and new civilizations, Philip spent two years in Afghanistan as a Peace Corps volunteer. While in Afghanistan, he became interested in fashion and realized he would love to work with various people in the beauty and fashion industry.

After his tenure in Afghanistan was over, Philip moved to India, where he founded Kandahar Trading Company; with this company, he would continue travelling the world and discovering various cultural artefacts. Combining his love for fashion and travel, Philip turned his company into a fashion accessories company.

Personal Life

Following his success as an entrepreneur, Philip Alan Hosterman did not feel complete, given that he was not married. He met Bonnie Wallace in the 1980s before they married in 1988 in Peshawar, Pakistan. A year later, Philip and his wife welcomed their first daughter, Claire, and in 1996, he had his second child, Dove Cameron.

Philip loved his daughters, and they were the best thing that happened to him; he felt whole when he was with them, something he had not felt in his earlier life. As Philip’s children grew up, they showed interest in music, something he also loved and valued. He trained them to play the piano and would accompany them to various auditions.

Despite getting a divorce from Bonnie Wallace, he continued being in his daughters’ lives as he supported them every step of the way. After his divorce, it is unclear if Philip remarried since he lived quite a private life.


Having travelled worldwide, Philip Alan Hosterman returned to his home country, where he spent his last 17 years of life. He was sick in his final days of life, but his family never revealed the condition he was battling. Philip died on October 18, 2011, in his residence on Bainbridge Island, aged 67.