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Everything About R-Truth’s Wife, Pamela Killings

Pamela Killings has been on the ladder of many WWE fans thanks to her husband, Ron Killings, better known by his ring name R-Truth. Fans of the WWE wrestlers ask who R-Truth’s wife is and what she does. Pamela Killings is very private and rarely reveals most of her details on the internet.

It is unclear when Pamela Killings was born, but she celebrates her birthday on the 23rd of September every year. His husband often celebrates his wife on her birthday, but he has never mentioned when the celebrity wife was born. However, judging from when her relationship with Ron started and other factors, Pamela Killings is probably in her forties.

Education and Career

Pamela Killings loves to live a private life away from the media, and as such, she has not revealed details of her early life, including her educational information. She has not mentioned the schools she attended and her level of education. However, she probably studied at the college level; it is just that she has decided to keep this information away from the public.

Regarding her career, Pamela has not revealed the work she does to earn a living, but some sources indicate that she learns a business through which she makes enough money to finance her daily needs. Besides, she has been so supportive of her husband; she has been cheering for him whenever he enters the ring. Pamela has been a source of motivation for R-Truth, pushing him to work harder in the ring.

Relationship With Her Husband

Pamella Killings has never revealed how she met her husband, R-Truth, but the couple has been together for 12 years. They dated for a while before tying the knot in 2011. Pamella’s marriage with Ron has given rise to a daughter named Lacey, who was born in 2014. Lacey showed an interest in acting, and her parents supported her; over time, she managed to get acting roles, and so far, she has appeared in various shows and television commercials.

In her love life, it is unclear if Pamela Killings was in a previous relationship before meeting R-Truth. On the other hand, R-Truth has been in other relationships that have given rise to at least three children. He has two daughters and a son from a previous relationship; Pamella’s husband has a great bond with all of his children and often spends quality time with them.

Her Husband

Pamela’s husband had a tough time growing up; he was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, to an African-American family that was struggling financially. While going to school, he often experienced financial struggles, and after completing high school, he decided to enter the streets as a drug seller. He used to sell various drugs, including cocaine, to come up with money to finance his music career since he was an aspiring musician.

Since he was a drug seller, Pamella’s husband was arrested multiple times and even spent over a year in prison, which changed his life. After venturing into wrestling, Ron’s life changed, and he has been on the right track ever since.