Min-Geum-Jae Min-Geum-Jae

Min Geum-Jae: A man, known for his deceiving resemblance in appearance with his celebrity brother

Min Geum-Jae is a celebrity sibling from South Korea who is famous for being the brother of South Korean rapper and songwriter, SUGA. They are known for their incredible resemblance. You literally can’t figure out in the first appearance whether it is Min Geum-Jae or his famous brother.

Here, let us discuss the life details of Min Geum-Jae that have probably never come out in public.

Personal life 

Born in 1989 in South Korea as the elder son of Mr. Yoongi, Min Geum-Jae is a South Korean celebrity brother. The name of the mother of Min Geum-Jae is not known.

If you talk about the love life of Min Geum-Jae, he is said to have got married in July 2023. However, no information is available about the beloved wife of Min Geum-Jae. His marriage grabbed the Korean news headlines because of his famous brother who attended his wedding.

Parents and siblings 

As you have learned some information about the family background of Min Geum-Jae so far, you already know that not much information is available about the parents of Min Geum-Jae. The only available information about that is the name of his father and that is Mr. Yoongi. According to some reports, he is a businessman while the mother of Min Geum-Jae is said to be a housewife. If you talk about the name of his mother, you are unlikely to get the information about that.

Speaking of the siblings, he has one younger brother and he is no other than the young South Korean music sensation SUGA.


At the moment, Min Geum-Jae is a married man and enjoying the abundance of love in his life. However, it is not confirmed whether or not he has embarked on the journey of fatherhood yet.

Education and profession 

Don’t expect to get anything confirmed about the education as well as the profession of Min Geum-Jae because he has kept all these details under wraps. With the fact that his father is a businessman, it can be said that he must have received a good education and would be doing something reputable professionally as well.

Reason for the popularity of Min Geum-Jae

Hands down, the one and only reason that makes Min Geum-Jae popular is his younger brother, SUGA, who has managed to amass a giant level of success in the Korean music industry at the young age of only 30. Min Geum-Jae often attracts the attention of people for his unbelievable resemblance with his brother.

Net worth of Min Geum-Jae 

How can we say anything confirmed about the net worth of Min Geum-Jae when we have no information about the profession? As far as the net worth of his singer brother, SUGA, is concerned, it sums up to 20 million right now.


Unlike his brother, Min Geum-Jae is probably not interested in making his life a public affair and grabbing the unnecessary attention of people. This is why he maintains a private life and enjoys all his happiness in his own world.