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Mary Joan Martelly: A celebrity wife having a happy life

Being a celebrity spouse is not a big thing but having all the marital happiness in your life is indeed a big deal and Mary Joan Martelly is blessed with that in her life. The wife of George Foreman, a former American professional boxer and entrepreneur at the moment, has a kind of balanced life.

Today, let us unfold all the life details of Mary Joan Martelly.

Personal life 

You are unlikely to find any information about the early life and childhood of Mary Joan Martelly because she never revealed such information. From the names of her parents to her exact date of birth, everything remains a secret to the public.

Coming to the married life of Mary Joan Martelly, Mary Joan Martelly is the fifth wife of American farmer boxer George Foreman and they got married in 1985. Before Mary Joan Martelly, her husband married and divorced four different women but there has been no looking back for him once he met Mary Joan Martelly. Their married relationship is going stronger today and they are enjoying their life at the best even after being together for almost 40 years.

Parents and siblings 

Expecting anything about the family background of Mary Joan Martelly would be hopeless because Mary Joan Martelly never bothered to talk about her family background including the details about her parents and siblings.


The happy married life of Mary Joan Martelly with George Foreman resulted in the birth of 5 children. The names of her children are George Foreman VI, Leola Foreman, Natalie Foreman, George Foreman IV, and George Foreman V.  Apart from these children, the husband of Mary Joan Martelly is the father of seven more kids through his different relationships and marriages.

Education and profession

Mary Joan Martelly has preferred to keep her lips zipped regarding this matter. This is the reason that not even a single piece of information has come out to the public about the educational and professional background of Mary Joan Martelly.

Reason for the popularity of Mary Joan Martelly 

Needless to mention, the only man that makes Mary Joan Martelly popular today despite the fact that she maintains a private life is her husband, George Foreman, who is a successful entrepreneur today and holds a thriving career as a professional boxer as well.

Net worth of Mary Joan Martelly 

Saying anything significant about the net worth of Mary Joan Martelly would have been possible only if she had revealed any details about her earnings and profession. Since it is a complete mystery to the public, the exact figures of the net worth of Mary Joan Martelly can’t be estimated. Nevertheless, Mary Joan Martelly is a celebrity wife and her husband is quite successful in his life as well. So, she is blessed with a luxurious life. At the moment, her husband, George Foreman, has an estimated net worth of around $300 million.


Mary Joan Martelly is not one of those ladies who are busy enjoying luxury and comfort in their lives. She is a kind soul and is involved with many charity and philanthropic works.