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Meet Marion Walmsley, the Lady who Stole Jon Walmsley’s Heart

Marion Walmsley is the wife of British actor and musician Jon Walmsley. Her husband is famous for appearing on The Waltons, where he portrayed Jason Walton. Marion Walmsley was born to Mr. and Mrs. Docke on October 12, 1975, in Long Beach, California. Marion’s husband is always proud of his wife, and on October 12, he took to his Facebook page to celebrate his wife’s birthday.

Early Life and Education

Marion Walmsley was born in Long Beach, California, where she spent most of her childhood. Her parents loved her and were always supportive, ensuring that their daughter never lacked. When she came of age, Marion Walmsley joined a nearby private school where she did her elementary education.

In school, Marion Walmsley was an attentive and bright student. After elementary school, she joined high school, where she graduated in the early 1990s. Upon completing high school, Marion Walmsley went to college, earning a bachelor’s degree in public relations.

Professional Career

After completing her college education, Marion Walmsley started working in the public relations department in the US. She was transferred to Germany during her career, where she continued her work as a public relations officer. Marion loves her job and enjoys working with people from various countries and backgrounds.

How She Met Jon Walmsley?

Marion Walmsley met Jon in Germany; at the time, Jon had travelled to Germany to familiarize the fans of The Waltons with the show. Marion was in charge of showing Jon Walmsley and his crew around. In an interview, Marion’s husband mentioned that he had not gone to Germany to find love, but it had just happened.

Following their first meeting, Marion and Jon went out on several dates before finally starting to date. The couple dated for four years before finally exchanging their wedding vows in 2008. The wedding was a private event as they did not want to attract any media attention. Marion and her husband have been together for over 15 years but do not have any children.

Life Before Meeting Jon Walmsley

Marion Walmsley lived quite a private life before meeting Jon Walmsley; she kept off the media attention as she focused on her career. It is unclear if she was in other romantic relationships before meeting Jon Walmsley. On the other hand, her husband Jon married Lisa Harrison, with whom he had a daughter named Brighton Asher Walmsley. Jon’s relationship with Lisa lasted 29 years.

Her Husband

Marion’s husband ventured into the entertainment industry in 1960 as a musician; he performed with various bands, including Richard Marx’s. Besides, he appeared in two of Richard Marx’s videos that is Too Late to Say Goodbye and Should’ve Been Better. As an actor, Marion’s husband is known for portraying Jason Waltons on The Waltons; he played the role from the show’s start in 1972 to the end in 1981.

Marion’s husband’s other credits include Family Feud, A Wedding on Walton’s Mountain, 7th Heaven, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Good Morning America and Waiting to Act.