Marilyn-Steed Marilyn-Steed

Marilyn Steed Biography and life history

Marilyn Steed was one of the sixty-five wives of Rulon Jeffs, the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints. She was born in 1935 in Sacramento, California, and was a descendant of Thomas Joseph Steed, an author and polygamist. Marilyn Steed is also known as the mother of Warren Jeffs, a convicted religious and cult leader.

Her Son

Marilyn’s son was born prematurely in 1955, and despite being born this way, he became an authoritarian leader. When he came of age, his father appointed him church leader’s counsellor, a position he held until he assumed the church’s leadership. When Rulon died in 2002, Warren Jeffs took the role of the president of the Fundamentalist Church.

After the death of Marilyn’s husband, Warren, her son took in all his father’s wives after asking the high-ranking officials to keep off his late father’s wives. After asking all women to marry him, two of them refused; one by the name of Rebecca Wall, who is an American activist and author, fled. The other refused to marry Warren and was asked never to marry again.

Did Warren Jeffs marry his Mother, Marilyn Steed?

Given that Warren Jeffs married all the women that his father had, there is a possibility he married his mother, Marilyn Steed and had a romantic relationship with him. Besides the two women who refused to marry him, one was banished never to marry, and the other was Rebecca Wall. If Warren Jeffs did not marry his mother, she is probably the one she is prohibited from ever marrying.

Relationship of Marilyn’s Son with His Wives

After marrying almost all his father’s wives, Marilyn’s son liked one of them more, who later became his confidant. Warren loved Naomi Jessop as she became his favourite; he would spend more time with her and share his deepest secrets. It is not like Naomi loved him back at first, but given all the love she was shown, she has to reciprocate it.

Her Son as the Leader of the Church

The leader of the fundamentalist church was responsible for officiating marriages; he would identify ladies and small girls and marry them off to whoever he chose to be their husband. Besides, Marilyn’s son was responsible for disciplining male church members who misbehaved in any way by reassigning their children and wives.

Following his role as the leader of the church, Marilyn’s son did several inhumane acts, including banishing several men from their homes. Warren controlled most of Utah until the courts intervened.

Marilyn’s Son as FBI’s Most Wanted

Given his position in the church, Marilyn’s son committed various crimes, and he believed no one would question him. Among the several crimes he committed is sexually assaulting minors; his nephew called, Brent Jeffs, filed a lawsuit in 2004 accusing his uncle of raping him. His children also blamed him for sexually assaulting them. Following this case, he was on the list of FBI’s most wanted.

He was arrested in 2006. The court proceeding took a long time, but then he was found guilty of child sexual assault and is now serving life imprisonment.