Lynette McCarthy Lesser Known Facts Lynette McCarthy Lesser Known Facts

Lynette McCarthy Lesser Known Facts, Bio, & More

Lynette McCarty is a well-known photographer and art director in Chicago. She is better known as the sister of Jenny McCarthy, an American model. Very little is known about Lynette besides her professional life. Read further to learn more about the life of this Chicago-based photographer and discover what makes her famous.

Personal Life

Lynette McCarthy is the daughter of Dan McCarthy and Linda McCarthy. Her parents were no celebrities, but were a simple working class couple. She was born in Illinois, Chicago, United States of America, and is one among the four McCarthy sisters. Lynette is of German, Irish, and Polish descent and was born a catholic. During her early life, she lived with her family in Chicago where her father worked as a steel mill foreman and her mother was a courtroom custodian. She completed her education at the University of Notre Dame.


Lynette has three sisters-Amy, Joanne, and Jenny, her sisters Joanne and Jenny are the prime reason for her fame. All of her sisters except for Joanne McCarthy are well-known faces in the entertainment industry. The job profiles her siblings hold are, Joanne McCarthy is a former professional basketball player, Amy McCarthy is an actress and Jenny McCarthy is a well known model, actress, and TV personality.

Her Sister Joanne McCarthy

Joanne McCarthy is third among the McCarthy sisters, she was born on October 26, 1974, in Illinois, Chicago, United States of America. Joanne McCarthy was a professional basketball player who played as the guard for the Chicago Condors in 1998. She studied at the University of Chicago.

Her Sister Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy also known as Jennifer McCarthy was born on November 1st, 1972 at Little Company of Mary Hospital, Illinois, Chicago, United States of America. She is the second among the three McCarthy sisters. Jenny completed her education at Mother McAuley Liberal Arts School, Brother Rice High School, St. Laurence High School, and Southern Illinois University. She rose to fame, after her debut as a naked model for Playboy magazine, later that year she was named the Playmate of the Year. She has been featured in several movies and television shows like Dirty Love, Scream 3, and Two and a Half Men.

Jenny was married to John Malloy Asher, and the duo share a son named Evan. Their marriage lasted a good 7 years and ended in September of 2005. Post which she dated Jim Carrey for a while.  She is currently married to Donnie Wahlberg, a fellow actor and singer.

Jenny has also penned a book by the name, Louder than Word which describes her experiences as a mother to an autistic child.


Lynette McCarthy is a freelance commercial photographer who experiments with various art forms. She is currently working on a new project called ‘Life After Death’ that focuses on the life of an elderly relative who has recently become a widower.

Fun Facts

Lynette McCarthy is the first cousin of Melissa McCarthy, a famous actress and screenwriter who has featured in movies and shows like Gilmore Girls, The Little Mermaid, and Bridesmaids.


Lynette McCarthy is a creative and gifted  individual whose art speaks volumes. Although her siblings are famous, Lynette has made a name for herself in the industry of art and photography.