Joshua Springthorpe Profession, Career Highlights, & More Joshua Springthorpe Profession, Career Highlights, & More

Joshua Springthorpe Profession, Career Highlights, & More

Joshua Springthorpe is the son of a famous Australian musician Rick Springfield. Unlike most celebrity kids, Joshua seems to lead a very private life away from the limelight.

In this article we’ll be highlighting his personal life, why he’s so famous, and some of his career highlights along with other details that we could collect across the sources.

Personal Life

Joshua Springthorpe was born in the year 1989, in the USA but his exact date of birth still remains unclear.


His parents are Rick Springfield and Barbara Porter. There is no information about his marital Life. Joshua has an older brother named Liam Springthorpe, who was born in 1985. Liam Springthorpe has followed in the footsteps of his father and is currently an actor himself. He is known for his roles in Project 420, The Pearl Necklace, and Bill Shakespeare in Hollywood.

His Dad: Rick Springfield

Joshua’s father Rick Springfield is an Australian singer, songwriter, and actor. He’s known for his best hit song ‘Jessie’s Girl’. Rick has starred in several movies and TV shows like Lucifer, American Horror Story, and Hard to Hold.

Richard Lewis Springthorpe better known as Rick Springfield was born on 23rd August 1949, in Guildford, Sydney. His parents are Eileen Louise and Norman James Springthorpe.  Rick’s father was an army officer.

On October 27, 1984, Rick tied the knot with his girlfriend Barbara Porter. The duo have been married ever since. The key to their marriage is said to be counseling sessions during times of trouble. The two had met when Springfield was recording his album ‘Working Class Dog’ at the studio where Barbara was working as a receptionist. Before his marriage to Barbara Porter, Rick had dated Linda Blair, an actress at the age of 15.

Rick dealt with depression for most of his life. After the birth of his first son Liam in 1985, Rick took a break from his career to raise his son and deal with his depression. He believes that gratefulness is key when dealing with depression.

Rick was born an Australian but, in 2006 he publicly revealed that he had become a US citizen.

Rick Springfield’s Career and Achievements

Rick began playing the guitar at the age of 13. His primary influences were the Beatles. His career as a musician began when he joined the band ‘Zoot’ as a backup vocalist. He then parted ways with his band and began his solo career.  Rick has released several albums out of which, ‘Working Class Dog’ is the one that brought him fame.

His single ‘Jessie’s Girl’ won him a Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. It was revealed by Rick himself that this song was based on real-life events. Rick is the recipient of many awards and is a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Besides being a distinguished singer and songwriter, Rick is also an author whose books have been bestsellers. He currently is actively advocating for mental health and breaking the stigma around the same.

Rick Springfield’s net worth currently stands at 10 million USD.


From what information is available about Joshua’s career. It is known that he is a director. Some of Joshua’s works include Gym Buddies and Lacrimosa.


Even though Joshua has remained far away from the spotlight, we see that he is a diligent and supportive son who has shown up for events honoring his father, Rick Springfield. In this article, we gain a little insight into Joshua’s life and his father’s influence.