Jessica Hinn Koukianos  Net Worth Jessica Hinn Koukianos  Net Worth

Jessica Hinn Koukianos: Discovering the Life, Career, and Net Worth of an Influential Media Personality

Jessica Hinn Koukianos, the daughter of renowned televangelist Benny Hinn, has made her mark as an American born-again Christian and media personality. Not only is she recognized as the spouse of evangelist Michael Koulianos, but she has also established herself as a prominent figure in her own right. This biography delves into Jessica Hinn Koukianos’ early life, career, net worth, family, and relationships, offering insights into her inspiring journey.

Early Life

Jessica Hinn Koukianos was born in the United States on March 25, 1977. Growing up in a deeply religious family, she was exposed to the world of ministry from an early age. With her father, Benny Hinn, serving as an evangelist and her mother, Suzanne Hinn, as a pastor, Jessica was immersed in a spiritual environment that would shape her future path.


As a media personality, Jessica Hinn Koukianos has played a significant role in spreading the message of her faith. While specific details about her career endeavors are not widely available, it is evident that she has utilized various mediums to share her beliefs and connect with audiences. Through her media presence, Jessica has provided a platform to inspire and guide others on their spiritual journeys.

Jessica Hinn Koukianos  Net Worth

Jessica Hinn Koukianos is happily married to her loving husband, Michael Koulianos, an evangelist, author, and the founder of Jesus Image International Ministry.

The couple celebrated their union in a private wedding ceremony 2004, exchanging heartfelt vows and committing to a life together.

Jessica’s net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 and $1 million. This estimation takes into account her assets and various investments. On the other hand, her husband, Michael Koulianos, reportedly has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Together, Jessica and Michael form a dynamic duo, utilizing their shared passion for spreading the message of Christianity and touching the lives of many through their ministry and media presence. Their combined net worth reflects their dedication and impact in their chosen endeavors.


Jessica Hinn Koukianos hails from a close-knit family deeply involved in ministry. Her father, Benny Hinn, is a well-known televangelist and the founder of Benny Hinn Ministries. Her mother, Suzanne Hinn, is a pastor and the founder of Purifying Fire International Ministry. Jessica’s siblings, Josh Hinn, Hannah Hinn, and Natasha Hinn, have also been involved in their family’s religious endeavors, creating a united front in their shared mission.


Jessica Hinn Koukianos is married to evangelist Michael Koulianos. Their union has brought them personal fulfillment and allowed them to combine their respective faith-based journeys. Together, they have become a force in spreading the message of Christianity and have influenced countless individuals through their shared ministry.


Jessica Hinn Koukianos, the daughter of televangelist Benny Hinn, has carved her path as a media personality and born-again Christian. With a strong foundation in faith and a family deeply ingrained in ministry, Jessica has used her platform to inspire and guide others. While her net worth may remain undisclosed, her association with her family’s religious work and media presence indicates a successful and fulfilling career. Jessica Hinn Koukianos’ dedication to her faith, combined with her family’s influential legacy, continues to impact the lives of many.