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All About Janie Buss, Jeanie Buss’s Younger Sister

If you love sports, the Buss name must be familiar. Jerry Buss was a famous sports entrepreneur known for owning the Los Angeles Lakers since 1979. Although Jerry died in 2013, he left his business under the leadership of his eldest daughter, Jeanie, with the help of five other siblings who ensured the club continued performing according to Jerry Buss’s wishes.

Janie Buss is Jeanie Buss’s youngest sister and the Lakers’ director of charitable services. Janie is a proud wife married to David Drexel and is a mother to Riley and Sierra. Janie was devoted to the family business and has always supported her sister, Jeanie, the company’s vice president.

During an interview, Jerry Buss revealed that Janie is the most compassionate of all children, and charity is her calling. Janie handles more than 500 monthly requests for charity items and runs the Lakers Foundation, which hands out nearly $500,000 in grants annually.

Jerry Buss wanted to sell the team but considered leaving his daughter Jeanie in charge as the president. Even when the children were involved in a fight for the team, Janie was behind her sister, and she expressed how she was glad that they owned the team and she had a job that she loved.

Janie Buss Siblings

Janie Buss has five siblings. Three of them were brought up together with Jeanie, while the other two were from her father’s relationship after he divorced Janie’s mother. Jeanie is Janie’s elder sister and the executive vice president of the Lakers team.

Jeanie is an influential woman in sports, running the Lakers team according to her father’s wishes. Although she has been involved in battles with her elder brothers, she remains the team’s executive.

Johnny and Jesse are Janie’s eldest siblings, and they spent their early years running the family business. The two brothers have had issues with Jeanie but still take part in running the Lakers’ operations.

Janie’s Relationship with Siblings

Many people believe that family businesses are prone to conflicts at some point. Although the Buss family had the same issues, they chose to own the Lakers team and work together.

Janie’s older brothers fought with their sister, Jeanie, over the control of the Lakers, but the family members cast their votes to settle the conflicts. After Jeanie Buss took over the team operations, her brother was put in control of the basketball operations, a position she took away, and he was termed unfit for the role. As of 2024, nothing has been shared regarding the relationship of the Buss siblings, but they run the team.

Janie Buss’s Parents

Janie Buss was born to Jerry Buss and his first wife. When Janie was growing up, her father was very busy, and they could see him only on weekends. Her father would take them to McDonalds on the weekends, and it helped them spend their time together.

Unfortunately, Janie’s parents divorced in 1972, and it caused Janie and her siblings to be devasted. But still, they stayed closer to both parents.