Jamie Fenty Profession Jamie Fenty Profession

Jamie Fenty Profession, Net Worth, Family Popularity, & More

Jamie Fenty is a photographer and graphic designer. He is the half sibling of a very famous singer by the name of Rihanna. Most of his life has remained out of the limelight, diving further into the article to know more about Jamie, his occupation, and his family, and discover what makes him famous.

Family and Career

Jamie Fenty was born in the year 1984, in Barbados. His father is Ronald Fenty who also happens to be Rihanna’s dad. His father Ronald Fenty, worked as a fashion designer and warehouse supervisor. After his relationship with Jamie’s mother ended, Ronald went on to marry Rihanna’s mother Monica Braithewai.

Jamie has five paternal half-siblings, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Samantha Fenty, Kandy Fenty, Rajad Fenty, and Rorrey Fenty.  His half-sibling Rihanna Fenty is the reason Jamie is famed.

According to media reports, it is stated that Jamie works as a graphic designer for a company called ‘Visual Appeals’. His current net worth is estimated at 2 million dollars USD.

His Step-sister Rihanna

Rihanna Robyn Fenty better known as Rihanna is a global icon who is a famous singer, businesswoman, songwriter, and actress. She was born on February 20th, 1988 in Saint Micheal, Barbados. Her parents are Ronald Fenty and Monica Braithewai. The duo got married sometime in the 1980s and ended their marriage after nearly two decades, in 2002 due to Ronald’s abusive behavior and addiction to alcohol and cocaine. She grew up with all her half-siblings around and is believed to have a strong relationship with them.

Rihanna is a loving mother to two children and her beau is ASAP Rocky. As publicly revealed by ASAP Rocky, the pair have been in a relationship since 2021. In the past, she has dated other famous musicians like Chris Brown and Drake.

Rihanna’s Career

Rihanna is a multi-talented personality, she initially was known for her music. She later ventured into other fields, such as business and acting. Rihanna’s musical career is a wonder and she is deemed to be one of the most iconic pop singers of all time. Her fame skyrocketed with the release of her third album ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’. The single ‘Umbrella’ won her a very first Grammy award.

Throughout her musical career, she has experimented with several genres, like, R&B, pop, and EDM.

Rihanna stepped into the world of business in the year 2011, with the launch of her perfume Reb’l Fleur. At present, she owns Fenty, a fashion brand, and Fenty Beauty, a beauty brand. Both of which are under the banner of the luxury brand LVMH. In recent times, she launched her own skincare brand by the name Fenty Skincare.

Besides being a businesswoman and singer, she is an actress as well. Her acting career launched with her role in the film, Bring It On All Or Nothing. Rihanna is also known for her roles in Ocean’s 8, an all-woman cast film that is a famous box-office hit.

Rihanna’s Achievements

Rihanna is a woman who has made a significant mark in history. Many are the accolades to her name, such as, she is 9 time Grammy Award Winner, 5 time World Music Award Winner, and she currently holds 6 Guinness World Records. Rihanna is currently the highest-earning female musician, with her net worth estimated at 1.4 billion USD. The Government of Barbados has appointed her as the ambassador of education, tourism, and investments. She has also been declared as a National Hero of the Country.


In the above article, we receive an insight into the private life of Jamie Fenty and his half-sister Rihanna. Jamie is known to be one of Rihanna’s close kin, the two share an unflinching bond of family. He makes very minimal appearances in the media, however fans can see him at events that honor his sister.