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Gregory Sheindlin Biography and life history

Gregory Sheindlin is an American lawyer and the son of Jerry and Judy Sheindlin. He was born in 1964 in New York, United States of America, to Jerry and his first wife. Judy has been his stepmother since 1978, when he married Jerry. Gregory Sheindlin has four siblings: Jonathan, Nicole, Adam Levy and Jamie Hartwright. Nicole is a lawyer, Jonathan is a surgeon, and Adam Levy served as the district attorney for Putman County, New York.

Early Life and Education

Gregory Sheindlin was born in 1964 to Jerry Sheindlin and his first wife, Suzanne Rosenthal. The two raised him according to Christian beliefs. Upon his parents’ divorce, Gregory stayed with his father, who later married Judith Sheindlin, better known as Judge Judy; she was a great mom to the then-teen Gregory. She showed him love, and she was someone Gregory would go to for advice.

Regarding his education, Gregory started attending a prestigious elementary school where he was among the top students. He then joined high school, where he was an active member of various clubs and a lover of sporting activities. Upon graduating from high school, Gregory Sheindlin joined the State University of New York to pursue a bachelor’s degree in law. Gregory then joined Brooklyn Law School to pursue his doctorate in law.

Personal Life

Gregory is a married man; despite having achieved much as a lawyer, Gregory felt something was missing. Luckily, he met a lady named Laurie Gail Pila, with whom he struck up a romantic relationship. The two dated for a while before finally tying the knot in 2012 in the presence of their family and friends.

Gregory and his wife Laurie have been together for over ten years and are blessed to have two beautiful daughters, but they have not revealed details of their birth or names. However, there is an online photo of Gregory with his lovely wife and two daughters. Gregory’s wife is a businesswoman, TV show producer and interior designer. She has always supported her husband’s career and has also been doing well on her own. Laurie founded Sheindlin Interiors, a boutique firm based in New York that specializes in high-quality residential interior design.

His Professional Life

After completing his studies in Law School, Gregory Sheindlin started serving at various levels as a lawyer. For more than four years, he served as the assistant district attorney at the district attorney’s office in New York County. As an assistant district attorney, Gregory Sheindlin handled various cases related to organized crimes, including money laundering and drug production and distribution.

After his stint as an assistant district attorney, Gregory Sheindlin moved to Chubb Group, where he worked as a trial attorney for the insurance companies in Westchester and Manhattan. As a trial attorney, Gregory Sheindlin will see through cases from the investigation period to the end of the trial. Gregory has worked for various law firms, including Sheindlin Law Farm.

Gregory has also been involved in a criminal case in Namibia involving about 200 defendants who were charged with treason. He is still a lawyer in New York and works towards making a positive impact.