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Everything You Need to Know About Goretti Lipkies

Goretti Lipkies is the daughter of Mexican actress Maria Elena Velasco, who created and portrayed the comical character La India Maria. She is a screenwriter, actress and producer with various roles in Mexican shows. Goretti was born in the 1960s to Maria and her husband, Julian de Meriche.

Professional Career

Goretti Lipkies followed in her parents’ footsteps and ventured into the entertainment industry as an actress, producer and screenwriter. When she showed an interest in acting, her parents were very supportive as they tried to coach her to become the best in the acting industry. After attending various auditions, Goretti Lipkies landed various and started performing in various theatres.

Over time, Goretti Lipkies landed other roles, and her credits include La Hija de Moctezuma, Caceria de Narcos and Huapango. She is still active in the entertainment industry as she performs roles, including writing and producing shows.

Personal Life

Despite being in the spotlight as an actress, Goretti has managed to keep details of her personal life away from the public. She has not revealed if she is dating or married. However, given her age, Goretti Lipkies is probably married and has children; it is just that she has decided to keep this information to herself.

Those who know her on a personal level say that she is a kind-hearted and loving person. All she wants to do is to make a positive impact and make the world a better place. She is doing this in honour of her mother, who used her character, La India Maria, to fight against discrimination and racism.

Her Mother

Goretti Lipkies’s mother was born in Puebla, but then, upon her father’s death, the family moved to Mexico City. Goretti’s mother started working as a dancer in the city to gain financial freedom. After several months of working as a dancer, she became a showgirl for Teatro Blanquita, where she participated in sketches.

Following her work as a showgirl, Maria became popular, attracting the attention of Miguel Morayta,  a Spanish director and producer. In 1963, Goretti’s mother appeared in the first film, Los Derechos de los Hijos, where she played the role of a maid. As years passed, Goretti’s mother started including comedy in her appearances.

Goretti’s mother continued playing minor roles until she met Fernando Cortes, who asked her to portray an indigenous woman in the sketches. In the 1970s and 1980s, Goretti’s mother’s career changed as she appeared in several films and television shows, including Siempre en Domingo, La Hora Pico, and Corazon Indomible.

In her personal life, Goretti’s mother attracted much media attention due to several children claiming to be her own. Some children who claimed to be her kids include Denisse Guerrero and Marina Velasco. Goretti’s mother died on May 1, 2015, after battling stomach cancer for a long time.

Social Media Presence

Goretti Lipkies is on social media platforms but rarely posts personal issues. Most of her posts are work-related; she believes that social media is not a space for posting personal matters but somewhere you can market your work.