Get to Know Midori Fujiwara Get to Know Midori Fujiwara

Get to Know Midori Fujiwara

Midori Fujiwara is a celebrity wife married to Canadian singer, television, and film actor Hugh Dillon. She has kept a low profile, and most of her early life details are unknown. However, her origins can be traced back to Tokyo, Japan. Midori has a sister named Denise Fujiwara, who is a dance artist.

Personal Life

Regarding her personal life, Midori Fujiwara is married; she tied the knot with Hugh Dillon in 2006 in the presence of family and friends. Their marriage, which has lasted close to twenty years, has never had separation issues, and they seem to still be in love. Midori and her husband have two children but have kept those details from the public. Midori has supported her husband’s career and often accompanies him to various events, including the Toronto Film Festival event, where they were seen together.

Education and Career

Midori Fujiwara is well-educated; she moved from Tokyo, Japan, to pursue her college education. Midori has not been open about the details of her education, but she has a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Regarding her career, Midori Fujiwara is a clinical psychologist based in Los Angeles, California. She has been at the forefront of helping individuals struggling with mental health issues. Besides, Midori has provided services in various universities where she has acted as a lecturer. Her background in psychology makes her the best candidate for teaching psychology courses.


Midori Fujiwara is a caring, kind-hearted, and loving woman who has extended her love to impact society positively. Midori and her husband have been working together for a long time to help individuals struggling with mental health issues. Given that she has worked in the mental health sector for a long time, it exposed Midori to the challenges such individuals face.

Midori has donated to various organizations, including the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. She strives to raise awareness on mental health and support affected individuals.

Her Passion and Other Interests

Besides her career and involvement in various charity causes, Midori has other interests, including reading, gardening, and cooking. Besides, she loves traveling and has been to multiple countries, including Thailand, Mexico, and India. Midori is also a yoga-lover; she uses her yoga sessions for meditation and inner peace.

Her Husband

Midori’s husband started his career in the entertainment industry as a musician in the 1990s. He partnered with various artists to form Headstones, where he is the lead singer. Hugh and his band have released several albums and songs which have seen the group achieve commercial success.

Besides music, Midori’s husband is also an actor; he started acting in the 1990s. His first appearances were in Dance Me Outside and Hard Core Logo. Over the years, Hugh Dillon has appeared in television shows and films, including The Eleventh Hour, ReGenesis, and Lone Hero.

Net Worth

Midori Fujiwara has accumulated much wealth through her career as a clinical psychologist but has not revealed her overall net worth to the public. On the other hand, her husband has made a fortune through his singing and acting career; his net worth is estimated to be 13 million dollars.