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Meet Actress Judy Greer’s Husband, Dean E. Johnson

Dean E. Johnson is the husband of American actress Judy Greer, known for playing different characters in various films, including Elizabethtown, 27 Dresses, What Women Want, and 13 Going on 30. Dean has not revealed much about his early childhood, but he is probably in his late 40s or early 50s.

Educational Background and Career

Regarding his educational background, Dean E. Johnson is educated, having studied up to the college level. He has not revealed the institutions he attended but studied up to college. Professionally, Dean E. Johnson has been working as an executive producer for over twenty years.

He started working with Real Time with Bill Maher and has been active for a long time. Besides, he has produced various television shows, including Up All Night and Courage Under Fire. Dean E. Johnson is still in the entertainment industry as a television producer, working on multiple shows.

His Love Life

Before meeting actress Judy Greer, Dean E. Johnson was in a previous relationship that gave birth to two children. Dean has not revealed much about his first marriage; little is known about his ex-wife. Besides, he has not made public what transpired between them, leading to their separation. Furthermore, he does not talk much about his previous relationship but loves his children, who live with him.

Meeting Judy Greer

Dean E. Johnson met Judy Greer in 2010 through a friend. The friend shared their contact with each of them, and they started talking. They could talk on the phone and laugh, but then they did not know how the other person looked. On the day of their meetup, Dean E. Johnson went to Judy’s house to pick her up for their date.

Judy was not surprised; she was excited to see him because he was handsome and tall, but their love story did not start as love at first sight. After going out on several dates, the two began having feelings for each other, and soon their relationship turned romantic. After dating for a year, the couple decided to make their relationship official.

While picking an engagement ring, Judy Greer asked Dean E. Johnson not to pick a diamond ring but a sapphire/gold one. Judy loved it, whichever rich he chose, and months later, they married. Dean E. Johnson and his wife have been together for over a decade but do not have children.

Why Does Dean E. Johnson and His Wife Do Not Have Children Together?

Dean E. Johnson and his wife have been married for 12 years, but they have no children despite being together for that long. While in an interview, Judy was asked why she has no children with Dean; Judy said she was not ready for it and already had two stepchildren. Judy loves them, and she has a close relationship with them. It is not something she wants now, and she and her husband, Dean E. Johnson, are okay with it. Besides, despite being married, there was a time when the couple lived separately for seven years.