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Barbara Cowsill: A famous American musician with a relatively short life

You don’t need to live a very long life in order to do something extraordinary in the world and leave a legacy behind. Want an example? Just look at Barbara Cowsill who had a relatively short life of around 56 years only, yet she has achieved so much in her professional career. The lady was a famous musician from America and today she is best known for being the mother of American musician and vocalist Susan Cowsill.

In this article, you will get all the life details of Barbara Cowsill. So, go ahead.

Personal life 

Barbara Cowsill was born on 12 July 1928 in

Cranston, Providence County, Rhode Island, USA, as Barbara Claire Russell. She was American by nationality and the names of her parents were Frederick Joseph Russell and Helen Leona Roberts Brooks.

Speaking of the love life of Barbara Cowsill the lady got married to an American man named William Joseph Cowsill also known as Bud Cowsill in 1946. Other than this, no other information is available about the personal life of Barbara Cowsill. She probably remained together with her husband till her death in 1985. She died on 30 Jan 1985, in Tempe, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA at the age of 56 years old.

Parents and siblings

How many kids the parents of Barbara Cowsill, Frederick Joseph Russell and Helen Leona Roberts Brooks, exactly had is not known. There is a mention of only one brother of Barbara Cowsill and his name was William G. Brooks.

If you are interested in learning more details about the personal and professional lives of her parents, let us tell you you will hardly get information about that because neither Barbara Cowsill nor her parents ever revealed any information regarding the same.


Barbara Cowsill had six children in her life and their names are Susan Cowsill, Bill Cowsill, Barry Cowsill, Paul Cowsill, Bob Cowsill, Richard Cowsill, and John Cowsill. During the 1970s, when Barbara Cowsill was at the peak of her career, she formed a music group named ‘The Cowsills with some of her kids and it was a smash at that time.

Education and profession

To be honest the educational details of Barbara Cowsill have never come out to the public. If we talk about her profession, she was a singer and had even formed a music group named The Cowsills. She created a significant sensation with this music group.

Reason for the popularity of Barbara Cowsill

Barbara Cowsill herself was the reason for her popularity. Though today she is known because of her musician daughter Susan Cowsill too.

Net worth of Barbara Cowsill 

Well, the exact net worth of Barbara Cowsill is not known. With the fact that she was a successful singer, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that she must have accumulated huge money in her life.


Barbara Cowsill was not just a professionally successful lady but she managed her family very well too. It’s only because of Barbara Cowsill that some of her kids are famous musicians today.