All About Anne Terzian, Bob Crane’s Ex-Wife All About Anne Terzian, Bob Crane’s Ex-Wife

All About Anne Terzian, Bob Crane’s Ex-Wife

Anne Terzian was the ex-wife of American actor, disc jockey, and radio personality Bob Crane. She was just known as the ex-wife of the famous American actor, but most of her early childhood and background details remain a mystery. However, given that she went to high school with Bob Crane, there is a probability they were almost the same age.

Personal Life

Anne Terzian married Bob Crane in 1949; the two met in high school, but they started dating in 1947. They dated for two years before tying the knot. At the time of the union, Bob was just twenty-one and starting his career in the entertainment industry. Anne and Bob’s marriage lasted 21 years, and they were blessed with three children:  a son named Robert David Crane and daughters Karen Leslie and Deborah Ann.

The couple, who seemed to be exceptionally in love, called off their marriage in 1970; they never gave reasons for parting ways, but netizens speculated that the two separated due to irreconcilable differences.

Life After Divorce

After their divorce, Anne and her ex-husband continued with their lives. Anne focused on caring for her kids as Bob provided spousal and child support. Regarding their love life, Bob remarried; he exchanged wedding vows with actress Sigrid Valdis in 1970, soon after his divorce. Bob and Sigrid had two children together: a son named Robert Scott Crane and a daughter Ana Marie Crane.

On the other hand, Anne Terzian kept a low profile; it is unclear if she remarried or just focused on caring for her three children.

Her Ex-Husband

Anne’s ex-husband began his career in the 1950s; he started working as a radio personality for WLEA in New York. After hosting several radio shows, Bob acted in shows like Hogan’s Heroes, The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz, and Cactus Flower.

The Murder of Anne Terzian’s Ex-Husband

Anne’s ex-husband loved exploring and videotaping his sexual encounters, which drew salesman John Henry Carpenter closer to him. After they became acquittances, John and Bob often spent a lot of time together and always videotaped their sexual encounters. John accompanied Anne’s ex-husband and some women in one of their escapades. On arrival, they had their fan, but on the following day, Anne’s ex-husband never came out of the room.

Anne’s ex-husband was found on June 29, 1978, by his fellow actor Victoria Ann Berry, after he failed to show up to a meeting. Bob’s lifeless body was taken by the police as investigations commenced. The culprit was never found, but John Henry Carpenter remained the primary suspect. Anne’s ex-husband died while at the peak of his career; it was such a massive loss to the entertainment industry.

Anne Terzian’s Whereabouts

Anne Terzian’s name surfaced in 1978 following her ex-husband’s murder. However, she has kept a low profile, and it is hard to tell which city she is based in, in the United States of America. Given her age, she probably lives at home as she spends time with her grandchildren. Besides, no news has surfaced, so assuming she is alive and well is okay.