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Alia Plant: A celebrity toddler who has already died

The person today we are going to discuss here was a little girl who died before she could live her life. She was only 19 months old when she left this world. She managed to become popular even at such a tender age because her father, Caleb Plant, is a professional American boxer.

Today, let us tell you all about Alia Plant including how her life was for 19 months and how she died. Apart from that, we will also unfold the other life details of Alia Plant. 

Personal life

Alia Plant was born in May 2013 in the USA as the loving daughter of Caleb Plant and Carman Briscoe. The little girl was born with a rare and unknown medical condition, which could not be treated. She continued to fight her battle with that unknown disease for 19 long months before leaving the world in January 2015.

Similar to her parents, she was an American by nationality. Considering her age, there is obviously no point in talking about the love life of Alia Plant.

Parents and siblings 

Alia Plant was the only child of her parents, Caleb Plant and Carman Briscoe, who never got married. They dated each other for a brief period of time and had Alia Plant during that time. However, their relationship did not last long and the father of Alia Plant married another lady in 2019.

If you talk about their professions, the father of Alia Plant is a renowned young American professional boxer while nothing is available about her mother. Since Alia Plant was the only child of her parents, she did not have any siblings either.


We don’t think we need to say anything about this because Alia Plant was only 19 months old when she died.

Education and profession 

Talking about the educational and professional details of Alia Plant is also pointless because she has not even had the opportunity to get these things in her life. Before she could begin her journey as a student and worker, she left the world.

Reason for the popularity of Alia Plant 

This goes without saying that one and only reason for the popularity of Alia Plant was her father, Caleb Plant, who was very much saddened after the death of Alia Plant. Even after 7 years, he sometimes shares the pictures of her daughter on his Instagram and grieves her demise.

Net worth of Alia Plant 

Alia Plant was a baby not even 2 years when she died. So, how can we expect this little girl to have a net worth? Yes, she did not have any net worth. As for the net worth of her father, Caleb Plant, it is expected to be around $5 million, which solely stems from his boxing career.


Life was really painful for Alia Plant. She lived only for a few months in this world and had to fight a disease during all this time. We must say her parents remained really strong during that time, who could see their little bundle of joy in such pain.